Replica Rosenbauer Heros Titan Fire Helmet - Yellow
Replica Rosenbauer Heros Titan Fire Helmet - Yellow
Replica Rosenbauer Heros Titan Fire Helmet - Yellow
Replica Rosenbauer Heros Titan Fire Helmet - Yellow
Replica Rosenbauer Heros Titan Fire Helmet - Yellow

Replica Rosenbauer Heros Titan Fire Helmet - Yellow

Sale price£230.00

Whatever your position in the fire service, this one-of-a-kind replica fire helmet is the perfect way to showcase your career.

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Engraving Option:

Engraving Option

Service Medal Ribbons:

Service Medal Ribbons

Your replica fire helmet will be dispatched directly from our supplier at a cost of £12.90. Please allow up to 21 days for delivery.

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Whatever your position in the fire service, whether it’s firefighter, Watch Manager, Chief Fire Officer or another role, this replica Rosenbauer Heros Titan Fire Helmet is a great way to showcase your career.

Mounted on a solid oak plinth and presented to you in an acrylic cube, these replicas will look great on a desk or mantelpiece for years to come.

Choose from a personalised brass BA Tally or an engraved plaque and you can also add service medal ribbons to truly showcase your career in style.

You can let us know your engraving request by either putting these in the “Add Order Notes” in the shopping cart, by replying to your email order confirmation or sending an email to stating your order number

  • Engraved Plaque - Maximum of 3 lines with no more than 35 characters per line
  • BA Tally - Please supply Fire and Rescue Service; Station name/number; Service/Brigade number; Rank & Name and Date in / out
  • Approximate scale - 1:3
  • Overall Size including display case - 190mm High - 200mm x 200mm

 Also available: MSA Gallet F1 XR Fire Helmet